Haight Street has a “House of Hades” Toynbee Tile

This wonderful piece of guerilla art called a Toynbee Tile is made of cut pieces of vinyl linoleum set in some sort of tar, roofing cement, or epoxy. They have been appearing in streets in North and South America since the 1980s.
It is in Haight Street just east of the Clayton Street crosswalk.

Here are 45 more from all over:

0dca8865-04ca-4572-9ada-53b129b73935 13th-and-South_15-Oct_2011_House-of-Hades_RPA 3247f9a6baa25895f206b1daa861cb94 284406_236238826397601_3700038_n 215809039_91f90c366c 2609880495_9c0faa9441 3422857572_914913b74d_m 3957344856_c64e91bbba_o 3977802061_1feb1bac91_o 4034246274_67f2d1743e_b 4126172360_6af406e0cd 4691856497_667d7ea560_m 5432476800_03407ae36e 6290157721_d655516eaf 6824317999_f07224b4db 7091922205_6bd4d7756e 8239399769_a6b0146190_o 19021329434_6e603815c9 19940774186_e706a462a4_m a7395e7d-bb2d-4077-a0b4-b2fa8660131e HOH_Post hoh09T3110 House_of_Hades_Toynbee_tile_at_11th_and_1st_in_New_York_City_January_2014 House_of_Hades_Toynbee_tile_at_26th_and_6th_Ave_in_New_York_City_September_2012 House_of_Hades_Toynbee_tile_at_27th_and_6th_Ave_in_New_York_City_September_2012 house-of-hades-bowery house-of-hades images-1 images-2 images-3 images-4 images-5 images-6 images MG0561-L Philly-16th.-Chestnut-1997-The-maifesto-tile.-Paved-over-in-1998. promo198388323 RDB18 Toynbee_tile Toynbee toynbee5 toynbeetile_0.jpg ToynbeeTilesBoydom tumblr_mk63c8kvvy1rti0t3o1_500 X6PtgFW\

It was the subject of a movie:


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