Fancy and Funny Footwear

all_workdays_have_moments_like_these_640_16 bizarre_pics_that_will_definitely_make_you_wonder_wtf_is_going_on_640_26 copy daily_picdump_1909_640_59 daily_picdump_1911_640_85 daily_picdump_1912_640_74 daily_picdump_1912_640_84 daily_picdump_1917_640_101 copy daily_picdump_1922_640_45 daily_picdump_1926_640_27 daily_picdump_1927_640_19 daily_picdump_1929_640_18 daily_picdump_1932_640_94 daily_picdump_1933_640_40 daily_picdump_1937_640_23 daily_picdump_1937_640_82 funny_picdump_1061_640_high_42 funny_picdump_1075_640_42 morning_picdump_715_640_30 morning_picdump_812_640_35 morning_picdump_812_640_48 morning_picdump_815_640_18 now_thats_how_its_done_640_09 people_who_have_turned_laziness_into_an_artform_640_12 tumblr_ntwrpwsbhn1qay553o1_500 tumblr_nuzdtwnkH81qay553o1_500

About Stan Flouride

THIS BLOG IS ALWAYS AD-FREE I make stuff and do things.
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