Some Fabulous Felines

Wild felines (Felis silvestris*) are found on every continent save Antarctica though most of them are, if not unknown, for the most part unseen. From half to twice the size of a domestic house cat, these are lovely beasts.

a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_01 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_02 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_03 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_04 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_05 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_06 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_07 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_08 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_09 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_10 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_11 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_12 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_13 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_14 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_15 a_few_of_the_weird_and_wonderful_cat_species_in_the_world_640_16

*The name Felis silvestris (cat of the woods) is a general term that includes many different species including the one from which the house cat was domesticated.

It is also the source for these two cats’ names:

felix-2-ink1 c2e2886dbdc4e7e1da6efe7fd715ac4b

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