Fighting Robots! U.S. MegaBot Challenges Japan’s Kuratas

There can only be one champion.

Will it be Megabot?


Or Kuratas?


In a video, the MegaBots engineering team has challenged the makers of Japan’s giant Kuratas robot to a fight. The Kuratas machine has been online for a couple of years now, touring expos and trade shows, and even going up for sale at one point.

“We just finished tightening the bolts on the Mark 2, America’s first fully-functional giant fighting robot. We have a giant robot, you have a giant robot,” “You know what needs to happen.” says the MegaBots spokesperson, “We challenge you to a duel.”

In keeping with international fighting robot protocol the Kuratas team has issued a response.  Kogoro Kurata, CEO of Suidobashi Heavy Industry, has accepted the challenge, on the condition that the robots fight hand-to-hand. “My reaction? Come on guys, make it cooler,” Kurata says, “Just building something huge and sticking guns on it is … Super American.”

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