Kind of a drag…

Across the street from my hotel there was a nice little taqueria named ‘Hellfish'(a Simpsons reference) where I had become a regular.
I had given one of the bilingual children’s books from Last Gasp to the owners’ son. Along with the contents of several Mexican Star Wars boxes. And become friends with Samantha, the Winnipeg refugee and server.
This morning at 6am, because their landlord had not paid his taxes, they were ousted and the landlord’s parking lot was cleared and sealed behind a welded wall of steel. As I said, kind of a drag.

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  1. UPDATE: It turns out that someone had just commandeered the parking lot and rented the building to my friends without going to the bothersome trouble of actually owning it. The owner showed up with an order to quit and they were forced to move their stuff out immediately.


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