Cri Cri, the Mexican Walt Disney

One of the first things I posted on here was a startling statue of an exaggerated young black child eating a piece of watermelon. A rather distressing stereotype that one doesn’t expect to see in 2015 (except maybe in an SAE frat house but they’re morons).
But I learned about CriCri (from the sound of a cricket) who created dozens of animated cartoons for several generations of Mexican children.
Judging from the character’s puffy sleeves he’s Cuban but until I search YouTube I won’t have any more info. Here is a claymation video of El Negrito Sandia:cri cri-negrito sandia: jarring as it is to our eyes, I’m sure the Disney “Songs of the South”/Brer Rabbit cartoons are full of equally outdated and unpleasant images and stereotypes.

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