Back on wheels!

I was loaned a bike by one of my host family and after checking out the route over the weekend, decided to bike there today.
It’s about 6km and I left home at 8 a.m., allowing plenty of time. Which was good because about 1/3 of the way there I had a tire blow. ( not go flat, it blew)
Fortunately, it was across the street from a bike shop so I locked it in.front, messaged that I’d be late, and took the bus. (still made it w/20 min. to spare)
After work I stopped by, got the tire replaced, the rear derailleur fixed, had the brakes and shocks adjusted, and bought the basket and bottle holder, and new gloves to go with my hat.

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1 Response to Back on wheels!

  1. My first (successful) bike ride to work this morning took 23 minutes. It’s between 8-10 km. I’ll have to set up my GPS app to be sure.
    It’s only 72° F and the air pollution hasn’t settled in yet. Today I noticed that it’s worse when riding with the wind. When it is blowing across, it clears and when going against it, it gets blown past.
    It is still pretty bad, I feel like just smoked half a pack of cigarettes.


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