My Daily Inspirational Sites

I try to start my day with a visit to the sites, most of which are Pics of the Day (PotD).
I found today’s collection particularly interesting.
First, Earth Observatory PotD from NASA which had comparative images of a Greenland glacier from 1935 and 2013:
GreenlandGlacier_old GreenlandGlacier_new

Next, also from NASA is the Astronomy PotD:
Today it’s “The Potsdam Gravity Potato.”


And then the always interesting National Geographic PotD. Today

it was beautiful Icelandic horses running free:


And then yet another NASA site, the Earth Science PotD which today is an edible plant from the deciduous forests of N.America that I had never even heard of, “Wild Strawberry Spinach”

And then, for an instant weather report I visit the Lawrence Hall of Science webcam situated in the Oakland Hills that gives a fantastic view of the Bay and SF:
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.06.28 PM
It’s a bit overcast but that white streak on the middle left is the sunset over SF.

And then I visit the Wiki Quote of the Day.

Often they quote someone on their birthday as they did today for Philip K. Dick:”We’ll know homo superior when he comes — by definition. He’ll be the one we won’t be able to euth.”
(I had to click on it too. Euth means homicide”

And then the Cloud Appreciation Society PotD.
This is A Sunrise over the Fens, Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK.
by © Irvine Goodger

And then the Wikipedia PotD, always something random like this bird’s-eye-view engraving of Manhattan in 1873:

And then the fantastic library of huge old photos that is

(This is one of the few sites where I always click on the comments. They’re closely monitored, always polite, and often educational)

These 3 are from today-
The Daly City Health Dept in 1924:


Every year at this time they publish this 1925 image of
the ‘Office Christmas Party.’ The expressions and where certain gazes are directed hint at much going on beneath the surface, socially, politically, and sexually.
And this, one of a huge library of Kodachrome slides from several trips to Minnesota in 1951-1953.
Skating pond - Jan 6 1952
Then I visit the Plane-of-the-Day PotD.

Today’s is a Piaggio P.149
And Wheels-of-theDay PotD.

Today it’s a picture of the bustling metropolis of Pioche, Nevada in the 1040’s:


And finally, the University of British Columbia’s Botany PotD which is always educational. Today it’s a lichen found in Peru called Dictyonema huaorani

This is a scan of the thallus, or vegetative structure, of Dictyonema huaorani. This specimen was collected in 1981 by Wade Davis and Jim Yost, two explorers in eastern Amazonian Ecuador conducting ethnobotanical research with the Waorani people. Yost had heard rumours of this lichen for seven years before finally locating this individual. To date, this is still the only known specimen in existence. 

It usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to view and read every page. It’s a great way to start off one’s day.

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