Some of the most interesting archeological digs…

…these days seem to be being done in the dusty back rooms, boxes, and files in museum storage areas.
Dinosaurs, a new carnivorous mammal, the oldest known human art, a 6,500 year-old human, and a new beastie stuck in amber have all been found there over the last few years.
And now this:


A cobalt blue glass bead made between 3,100-3,400 years ago. It was discovered by a farmer in a Bronze Age burial mound in Denmark in 1892 and has been sitting undisturbed in a Danish museum collection ever since.The glass bead turned out to be Egyptian. This is the first time that typical Egyptian cobalt glass has been discovered outside the Mediterranean area.
Baltic amber has been found in Egyptian tombs and this tiny artifact shows that the trade went both ways.

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