LEGO model of the Acropolis donated to the Acropolis Museum by Sydney University

A beautiful model of the Acropolis and its environs that was built at Sydney University  has been given as a gift to Greece’s Acropolis Museum in Athens where it is attracting more visitors than the real thing.
9256254845_297f77d286_z 9259053020_aac249feaf_z img_0485 9259040202_b8110ac56c_z images-1 Lego-Acropolis-5 05_lego_acropolis_4 Lego-20130709195133515383-600x400 11704923714_b6cde7152c_b 9199994028_9607f3ca86_z lego-acropolis BbmaNa5CIAA31_1 9256236243_46d5af03f5_z 9256239423_c8dcc9a5f0_z Unknown lego-36-1 opening11 lego-21 9259037400_a6c1e972e7_z 1373086436-lego-acropolis-exhibition-opens-in-sydney-at-nicholson-museum_2227476 lego-23 9256245747_028abc6715_z images 11706525083_54b24c5a38_b 18syw3neimpi2jpg acropoli_lego3 lego-36 large_LegoAcropolis3 05_lego_acropolis_3 LEGO Acropolis LEGO Acropolis
Of course the Acropolis has been a popular subject for LEGO artists over the years and when searching for the images above I came across this version, a more contemporary look:

SONY DSC DSC_0054 08

BUT– I also discovered evidence that building an Acropolis out of LEGOs is apparently much older than one might think:


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