Cayayo Troconis, my beautiful brother-in-law

15 years ago today the world lost a very talented musician and artist, my wife’s little brother Cayayo Troconis.
He was one of the first punk rockers in Venezuela, his band was called Sentimiento Muerto (Dead Feeling).
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I will never forget his expression when he opened the front door of their house in Caracas to find me on a litter surrounded by members of the Guardia Nacional holding machine guns. (they’d just spent 3.5 hrs carrying me down a mountain with a broken ankle)
None of the many photos of Cayayo I found online come close to that look though a few of the B&W ones match the coloring in his face at that moment.
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Today he is still widely remembered and has become almost a cult figure in South American rock and roll. A biography of him was recently published

rueda de prensa 1

and in 2011 a celebration of his music, with different bands playing his songs, was held:


He’d blush but I know he’d love this:
May he never be forgotten.

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