After the Big One, May 27, 1906

captioned scan

I found this newspaper image taken from Twin Peaks on ebay and snapped it up and my friend Robert Holt was nice enough to scan it in high-resolution* so that I could share it. You can enlarge it quite a bit and see the notations I’ve added on Flickr. It’s remarkable how much of the debris has already been removed just 39 days after the Quake and Fire.

I used this as a reference:aq19334aIt shows the sites of the refugee camps and soup and relief sites.

Just 2 years later, the city was already well on the way to complete restoration:default

This is the City today in a Gigapan created by a photographer who calls himself ‘xcited’

The history of the City syncs almost perfectly with the history of photography and as such its growth is remarkably well-documented.
Coincidentally, motion picture photography came along just in time to catch the 1906 disaster.
This silent film, made on April 18th, 1906 is from the Library of Congress:

*any higher resolution would get lost because of the half-tone printing from the newspaper

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6 Responses to After the Big One, May 27, 1906

  1. robert says:

    It’s big,special and lovely. Who
    else should I date in Sf ? 😉


  2. gevin shaw says:

    Hey, Stan, I don’t see the link to the big image?


  3. I have to re-label the image on a higher resolution and post it on Flickr. Will do that tomorrow and post the link here.


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